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We live in the Northwest. Randy Stapilus has lived in Oregon or Idaho since 1974 (and a short stretch in 1973). Linda Watkins has lived in one of those states since 1971. And between friends, family and professional work, we’re no strangers to Washington state, either.

We’ve been writing and editing in the Northwest nearly as long. (Stapilus started news reporting at the University of Idaho in 1974.) A great deal of our work has to do with this beautiful and varied corner of the country.

As an introduction, take a look at our Northwest page. There we post current news, analysis and some opinion about what’s happening in the region, just about very day.

By subscription, we also publish our Weekly Briefings (formerly called Public Affairs Digest) – one each for Washington, Idaho and Oregon. The roots of these go back to 1990, when we began to write about administrative rules and regulations in Idaho. Since then, we’ve expanded to provide coverage, details and excerpts about how the region is developing and changing. The Weekly Briefings are available electronically and are delivered to subscribers on Sunday night or early Monday morning.

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And we have published books on Northwest politics and public affairs, and we’ll continue to. From 1990 to 2002 we published regular political almanacs and yearbook/directories for Idaho. In 2011, we anticipate publishing public affairs handbooks for all three states.

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