Devil Dog Art

My two preferred subjects are landscapes – the high desert and the rolling Yamhill County farm lands, and dogs. Most of the time the dogs are herding breeds doing what they love to do; but I do enjoy other breeds and what’s most important is using the painting to display the dog’s personality, and if the owner is included, the strong connection between human and dog. If possible I enjoy meeting the dog before I start the painting – as with humans a photo doesn’t always tell you everything about the subject of the painting.

The high desert country of SE Oregon, Nevada, and Idaho is breathtaking country – to the casual eye there’s not much there but sage, juniper and rattle snakes. But take a moment to look closely and you’ll see the Earth’s skeleton. These mountains are the bare bones of the planet we inhabit. By contrast, the rolling hills and fields of Yamhill County’s farmlands are a story of the people who live here and the quiet beauty of the country. I like to exaggerate the colors of the rocks and soil of the areas I paint because all too often the real coloration is so subtle and understated that many folks will never notice or appreciate the incredible variety of soils, rocks and plants.

Paintings are all available for sale, giclee prints, or as greeting cards. Commissions are happily accepted.

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