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Conversations with Atiyeh. By W. Scott Jorgensen. September 2014. 130 pages. ISBN-13 978-0945648215. $14.95.

Oregon Governor Vic Atiyeh died on July 20, 2014; he was the 32nd governor of Oregon, and widely praised for his steady leadership of the state during difficult years.

In this book, writer Scott Jorgensen talks with Vic Atiyeh, traces his background and recounts some of what he had to say – and others had to say about him.

“My biggest takeaway from my conversations with Governor Atiyeh is that he felt good about his legacy. He was a good man, and I will always fondly remember watching him play with my son during our talks. In many ways, Vic Atiyeh was more than a man – he was a link to a past that I could barely even imagine.”
W. Scott Jorgensen

“Many of the things we love about living in Oregon have come from our most visionary governors, ones who had a heart for our state, and a passion for serving. Their legacies have long outlasted them, and touched our lives in so many ways. Many times, we associate visionary leadership with grand public works projects or sweeping reforms. But in Governor Atiyeh’s case, the vision he championed focused on the daily aspects of our lives.”
Representative Julie Parrish

“As the first Arab-American governor in this nation’s history, he had a unique understanding of diversity, and his respect for diversity was honest and integral to his being. He truly valued every Oregonian and he took the time and made every effort to do his best on their behalf.”
Senator Jackie Winters

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