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Transition, by W. Scott Jorgensen. November 2013. 146 pages. ISBN 0-945648-08-1. $13.95.

The last decade has been a time of upheaval for most and a challenge for many – especially many of those just starting on their professional careers. Transition is a memoir from that time.

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From Transition . . .

All this time later, some things have changed and some have not. Some of my friends are doing well and some are not. Some are working and some are not.

However, in the bigger picture, I can see that many of the people I’ve grown to know are already actively working on creating a better tomorrow. It will be achieved one step at a time, much like my mother’s physical rehabilitation from her stroke.

The future can finally be bright again. But in order to get there, someone has to light the way. Someone has to carry the torch. And when they’re done, it will be time to pass it on again, down to the next generation, so they can do the same.

When that time comes, I hope the next generation will be ready . . .

– W. Scott Jorgensen, from Transition.

It’s been some tough years for a lot of Americans, and not least for many of those starting out and trying to find a place to engage in society. In Transition, W. Scott Jorgensen tells his personal story about those times – and how he made his way through it.

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Transition w/shipping