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Ridenbaugh Press is a Northwest publisher and provider of editing and publishing services; we were founded in 1988 in Boise, Idaho, and now are based in Carlton, Oregon.

On this page, a short rundown of who and what we are. On other pages, a little more detail and links to what we do.

Ridenbaugh Press was founded with the aim in mind to publish one book. It was called Paradox Politics: People and Power in Idaho, written by Stapilus as an outgrowth of more than a decade covering Idaho politics for Idaho daily newspapers, and frustration that no one seemed to be compiling the story of recent politics in the state.

The writing and the publishing was a satisfying experience, and in 1990 Stapilus left the mass news media (mainly newspapers, with a short stint at a television station, and radio in college) to strike out independently.

In several directions almost at once, it seemed.

There were books.

Ridenbaugh kept on publishing . During the 90s, most of them had to do with Idaho politics and government (including a series of political almanacs), and some of those continued into the new decade. In more recent years, we’ve been publishing as well on more subjects, including water rights, regional public affairs, medicine policy and more. (Books by Randy Stapilus also have been published, starting in 2001, by the Globe Pequot Press and Caxton Press.)

There were periodicals.

Ridenbaugh Press in April 1990 launched a monthly subscription newsletter called the Idaho Regulatory Digest (its broader-based successor is now called the Idaho Public Affairs Digest) and won subscribers around the state. In 1993 we added the Snake River Basin Adjudication Digest, and two years later the National Water Rights Digest, both of which continue to publish. In 1999 we started the Washington Public Affairs Digest, and in 2003 the Oregon Public Affairs Digest. We currently publish all five periodicals.

And we provide editing and publishing services.

We started in 1990 by editing and providing publishing services for the Idaho Law Foundation, on an Idaho centennial book about the history of the Idaho Courts (Justice for the Times). Since then, we’ve provided editing and other publishing services for a wide range of people and organizations, from the National Association of Auditors Comptrollers and Treasurers to the First Presbyterian Church in Boise, from Oracle Corporation and Publicis Public Affairs to Idaho Association of Counties.

Check out the tabs on this page, and see what’re we up to now.

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