The Unpublished


The Unpublished

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The Unpublished. Edited by Roger Plothow; published by Ridenbaugh Press, Carlton, Oregon.
164 pages. Softcover. ISBN-13 978-0945648277. List price $16.95.

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It started one day when Roger Plothow, the publisher of the Idaho Falls Post Register daily newspaper, was talking at home about the letters to the editor his paper received, and especially some of those it didn’t publish. His son said that might be a good idea for a book.

He was right.

What happened next was that Plothow and his staff collected some of the most, ah, interesting of the letters that didn’t make the cut. There’s good reason letters like those get a lot of attention in newsrooms, and get passed around and much commented on.

They’re entertaining. Highly entertaining.

The Unpublished