Publishing services

You have a manuscript (and artwork) edited, proofread and properly dressed to meet the world. But what do you do now?

We’ve run about 50 books through the production mill, a factory-like process that can seem about as complicated as putting together the pieces of a new car. Publishing your first book can seen like a learning experience just that daunting. Once you’ve published a few dozen, as we have, the pieces fall into place fairly simply.

But there are many important steps, and missing any of them could damage your book or its chances in the marketplace, or both – and your reputation along with it.

To self-publish a book is to learn a whole new profession, with a large mass of written and unwritten rules, while you’re trying to make a go of it. It is very much a sink or swim proposition.

Here are some of the tasks (not a complete list) you’ll have to master almost overnight:

Editing and Organization
Interior Layout and Design
Cover design
ISBN filing
Copyright notices
Bar and other codes
Printing requirements
Online sales
Web site development
Business structure
Choosing and working with printers
Shipping, storage and distribution
Mass media promotion
Social media promotion
Author and other appearances
Working with bookstores

Depending on your background and experience, some of these things may be easy or even second nature. Others may have you wondering: What’s that? But all of these things, and more, are important considerations you’ll have to deal with.