• 100 Influential Idahoans 2015
You can find it all here in the Pacific Northwest - much of the nation's most beautiful places, some appallingly trashed-out areas; politics running from just about as far left to just about as far right as anywhere in the country; economies of all sorts from the highly prosperous to the dying. It's all here.




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Upstream: Adjudicating the Snake River Basin. By Randy Stapilus. 2011. 230 pages. ISBN 0-982466-8-11 Price $15.95

The Snake River Basin Adjudication may be the largest stream adjudication the United States has ever seen. It also has been one of the most successful, heading toward conclusion within a generation of its launch, far faster than most. This book, drawn from the pages of more than 16 years of the Snake River Basin Adjudication Digest, shows how it happened – conflicts, settlements, false starts, and unexpected leaps.

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