• 100 Influential Idahoans 2015
You can find it all here in the Pacific Northwest - much of the nation's most beautiful places, some appallingly trashed-out areas; politics running from just about as far left to just about as far right as anywhere in the country; economies of all sorts from the highly prosperous to the dying. It's all here.

Other publishers

Books by Randy Stapilus have been published elsewhere as well.

2016 – Camping Idaho, 2nd edition. Updating the 2004 title.

2015 – Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Idaho History. Stories of some of the Two Dot Books.

2013 – Outlaw Tales of Idaho, 2nd edition. With two new outlaw tales. Two Dot Books.

2010 – It Happened in Idaho, 2nd edition. Globe-Pequot Press.

2008 – Outlaw Tales of Idaho. Two Dot Books.

2005 – Governing Idaho. (Randy Stapilus and Jim Weatherby) Caxtion Press.

2004 – Camping Idaho. Globe Pequot Press.

2001 – It Happened in Idaho. Two Dot/Globe-Pequot Press.