• State police car patrolling in the snow.
In celebration of its seventy-five years of dedicated service to the citizens of Idaho, the Idaho State Police commissioned this history as a tribute to past and present employees.


Kelly Kast is a native Idahoan and life-long “amateur historian.” Kast and her husband, Dalen, own and operate a 550-head cattle ranch near Bliss, Idaho.

Currently, Kast is the patrol administrative assistant for District Four, Idaho State Police. She has published numerous articles with IDAHO Magazine and has published in other regional and national magazines. Prior to her service with the Idaho State Police, Kast was a staff writer for seven years, and the editor for three years, of the Gooding County Leader.

Kast’s love of history and writing can be traced to her duties as an all-source intelligence analyst during her service in the United State Army.

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