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The return of the Idaho Citizens Guide

More than a dozen years ago, three of us – Mark Stubbs, James Weatherby and Randy Stapilus – worked together to develop a reference to help people understand and learn how to navigate Idaho government, politics and society. We called it the Idaho Citizens Guide.

It got enthusiastic response in some quarters, and strong letters of recommendation from two former governors – Cecil Andrus and Phil Batt – and contributions from some of Idaho’s most successful travelers of public territory: elected officials, lobbyists, judges, business people, attorneys.

But it dropped from sight, went out of print, and few copies of it probably remain.

Looking at it again, in a different political age, we concluded that a whole lot of it is as valid now as it was then. Some of the details have changed, but many have not, and the principles, ideas and advice in it remain as solid now as it was then.

So, back in print – the Idaho Citizens Guide. Go to the book’s page for more information, and be sure to check out the sample pages.

And then order a copy for your bookshelf. You may be surprised how often you consult it …