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Soon to publish on a fast-built college

We’ll be publishing soon – in a matter of a few weeks, we expect – a new book on one of the more remarkable developments in public education in the Northwest in recent years: The College of Western Idaho.

CWI, the first public community college in the Boise area since the emergence of Boise State University, was talked about for many years, decades even, but got nowhere near reality until 2007. That was when a group of leaders around Boise came together and pushed through a public ballot issue – in a very conservative, and very tax-averse, time and place. And then, in the space of couple of years, the new college emerged virtually out of thin air.

Dennis Griffin, who was president of the college for that development period, is telling the story of how it happened, and what it may mean for the people in the area.

We’ll keep you updated as the book gets closer to publication. Which, as noted, isn’t far off. [October 2, 2011]