• Sworn in as a state representative.
If there’s an over-arching theme, it is not coming West in a physical sense, but in the perseverance to make something of myself in a new place, time and generation, apart from my roots in Maine and elsewhere “out East.” It has not been a perfect journey. It took me many years to find who I was as a journalist, community publisher, civic leader and now public official.


From years ago, Ridenbaugh Press named Stephen Hartgen as one of the most influential people in Idaho, and that was long before he became a state legislator, becoming better known around the state.

Before that he was publisher of one of the state’s leading newspapers, and before that its editor. And before that … well, there’s a winding story starting in Maine and gradually working its way to Idaho.

Here in Journey West he tells his story and about the Twin Falls and Magic Valley area, places he has come to know well.

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