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The Water Gates, by Randy Stapilus. 245 pages. 2010. ISBN 978-0-945648-04-1 Price $15.95

A rundown of the water regimes – and situations – in all 50 states, by the editor of the National Water Rights Digest.

Sample chapter

Water rights and water wars: They’re not just a western movie any more. As states grow and water supplies don’t the western states continue in their struggles to find enough water to meet the ever growing needs. A favorite Mark Twain quote (it may or may not have actually been his) in the west has been, “Whiskey’s for drinking; water’s for fighting.” Today he could just as easily have been referring to the drought-ridden eastern states where water conflicts are becoming commonplace and eastern water users are looking to the west for ideas on handling an issue that a decade ago they never thought to be addressing.

The Water Gates reviews water supplies, uses and rights to use water in all 50 states. For each state the conflicts involved and their political, social and legal implications are discussed in clear, concise terms. And the differences between water allocation procedures in the two regions are delineated.

Randy Stapilus has edited and published the National Water Rights Digest since 1995, and the Snake River Basin Adjudication Digest since 1993, following years as an award-winning journalist. He lives in Carlton, Oregon, with his wife Linda Watkins (who also edits both publications).

Water Gates (w/shipping)

The Water Gates, by Randy Stapilus. 245 pages. 2010. $15.95