Nathalie Hardy is a national award-winning columnist and reporter who majored in journalism when she realized she could make a living talking to strangers.

Since becoming a mother she manages to keep writing in the margins as she strives to be more Zen, less banshee. This book is a collection of some of those notes.

Hardy has published freelance articles for numerous local, regional and national publications including Poets & Writers magazine. She facilitates journal writing workshops in person and at Big Picture

Hardy was a nerd before it was cool. She graduated with a journalism degree from Western Washington University in Bellingham.

Talking to strangers, talking about feelings and eavesdropping in public are a few of her favorite things, She even goes so far as to call it working. A writer, she believes, is always on the clock. To pay the bills between writing projects she took field notes from the following jobs: various accounting departments, as a log clerk in a lumber mill, waitress, office secretary and a grade school secretary. And, as a general assignment reporter on the Oregon coast and covering the county government beat for the Yamhill-Valley News-Register where she interned in 2000 and started writing her parenting column in 2008.

She served a stint on the Carlton City Council and volunteered at a Women’s Crisis Center advocating for women and children to live free of domestic violence. She believes eye contact and connecting with strangers can save us from ourselves.

She lives in Newberg, Oregon with her husband and two sons. She’s been keeping it real, since before it was a thing, on her blog, for a decade.

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