• David Frazier's memoir of Vietnam, "Drafted!", is multilayered - from the days of war in the 60s to return visits as a photography - and as complex as the place itself.


Ridenbaugh Press provides a range of editing and publishing services.

We started in 1990 with a project for the Idaho Law Foundation, a book about the history of that state’s court system, Justice for the Times. We edited chapters written by state Supreme Court justices and veteran attorneys – a careful piece of work, but one praised by participants. We also prepared the book for publication and oversaw its printing and delivery.

Our second major project was for another book, Harvesting Dollars, published under the Ridenbaugh Press imprint but developed for a businessman, Larry Eastland.

We have continued editing and publication work on a range of book projects ever since. We have worked over a number of years with organizations including Oracle Corporation, the International Public Management Association for Human Resources, the National Electronic Commerce Coordinating Council, the National Association of State Auditors Comptrollers & Treasurers and others – collecting and editing manuscripts from a wide range of authors, and processing them into finished, and shipped, books.

Aside from books, we undertake other editing and publishing projects as well.

Since 1998, for example, we have working on editing and design of the monthly periodical of the First Presbyterian Church of Boise, the First Press. We have worked on developing other periodicals as well, including for some years the County Commentary published by the Idaho Association of Counties.

And we work on editing-specific projects as well. Linda Watkins has edited publications for a state legislature (including the text of the bills up for passage), advertising agencies, a state bar association, the Idaho Controller’s Office and others.

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