• David Frazier's memoir of Vietnam, "Drafted!", is multilayered - from the days of war in the 60s to return visits as a photography - and as complex as the place itself.
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The Intermediary: William Craig among the Nez Perce, our latest in Northwest history, is out and available through Ridenbaugh Press and elsewhere.

Lin Tull Cannell, who lives at Orofino near the spots where much of the historical action in the book took place, spent 15 years researching and writing this story of William Craig, who played a pivotal role in the early development of the interior Northwest – in the decades before there was an Idaho, even in the form of a territory. It’s a dramatic story never told until now.

See our Intermediary page for more information.


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Time has come to put up a central portal for all this, and clarify a little what it is we do. What that is, is a little complicated: We provide goods (books and periodicals) and services (book and periodical publishing and editing services). Those falls generally in the main categories you see at the top of this site.

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