• David Frazier's memoir of Vietnam, "Drafted!", is multilayered - from the days of war in the 60s to return visits as a photography - and as complex as the place itself.
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The Water Gates is out

For 15 years, Ridenbaugh Press has published the National Water Rights Digest, about water rights, uses and conflicts around the country. Now we’ve published a summary of what’s going on in all 50 states, in The Water Gates: Water Rights, Water Wars in the 50 States.

Now, Digest editor Randy Stapilus here has wrapped up the increasingly tense water issues around the country, from the use of water by bottlers in relatively wet New England, to the big water supply battle between Georgia, Florida and Alabama, to the long-running (and possibly never-ending) water conflicts and dilemmas in the dry western states.

The Water Gates is available at Ridenbaugh Press and at other outlets including Amazon.com.